16 November 2008

Cycle Chic Contest - Dogme 1 Photography

Minor Adjustments
Okay, here's a contest. There's even a prize. Thanks to Adrienne for the challenge. In the previous post we highlighted a fun angle on Cycle Chic, started by a fellow Copenhagener, Eric Daugaard on Flickr. It's called Dogme 1.

So now we're opening up the contest to the rest of the world. I'll chuck in a Copenhagen Cycle Chic poster for the winner. See what it looks like here.
Red Light People

Here's the rules:
Take a photo of a female cyclist anywhere OUTSIDE of Copenhagen or Amsterdam.
The photo is your own original work.
The photo has to fulfill at least three of the following Dogme 1 rules:

-The bicycle is a 'sit up and beg' type and clearly too big for her.
-The bicycle has a handlebar-basket mounted, preferably decorated with artificial flowers.
-The lady wears sunglasses. The bigger the better.
-The lady wears high boots and/or high heels
-The lady is wearing a huge scarf
-The lady is concerned about other things than traffic.
-The lady is carrying some sort of electronic equipment in her hand.
-The lady has some sort of large messy bag hanging from her shoulder or on the bicycle.
-The lady looks miffed / mentally absent
-The lady isn't wearing a helmet
-The photo is shot from close distance and from the front.
-Flash is used.

Minimum three of the above to qualify. Obviously the more you get, the better your chances are of winning. The judges are me, Velomama and Eric [he started the whole thing] in order to find the semi-finalists. These photos will then be voted on by you.

Send your entries - preferably a link to a Flickr photo but feel free to send a photo or a link to another place - to Cycle Chic's email.

Contest closes on December 15, 2008.

Have fun.


Adrienne Johnson said...

Guess I am carrying my camera from now on! He he! This should be fun! I look forward to seeing the entries.

word verification-
spilla- spilla the milk or the bicycle gets it!

Witek Kopeć said...

I guess, photo can't be posed? (What a fun with posed photography?)

Colville-Andersen said...

posed is fine

WestfieldWanderer said...

Mmm. Dogme. Interpretation, please.


That word is very close to be misinterpreted as it might have certain slightly dodgy connotations in UK slang. (Don't ask me for an explanation, do your own search and suffer the wrath of your network administrator.)

Colville-Andersen said...

network admin? what do you think this is? guantanamo? :-)

dogme 95 - or dogma 95 - was a film movement started by lars von trier in which the director must adhere to a set of dogmatic rules that returned filmmaking to its basics.

WestfieldWanderer said...

Ahh! Thank you for the enlightenment!

"Dogme" sounds less of an invitation now!

Macwoody said...

Jeez, I WILL have to stage this in Melbourne ! I am more likely to run into a troll handing out dollar notes than this cycle chic !

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Just leave out the space between dog and me, and you´ll be fine ;-)

Anonymous said...

Feeling really excited - having got back from walking the dog (no, really.), I uploaded my photos from a recent trip, only to discover that I have a sure-fire winner for this contest. Probably.