16 November 2008

Bike is the New Black

Another Danish photographer, Erik Daugaard, has some great shots of Copenhagen women on bikes, with a tongue in cheek angle. He calls his theme Dogme 1 - this is the land of Dogme after all.

- The bicycle is a classic form and clearly too big for her.
- The bicycle has a handlebar-basket mounted, preferably decorated with artificial flowers.
- The lady wears sunglasses. The bigger the better.
- The lady wears long boots and/or high heels
- The lady is wearing a huge scarf
- The lady is concerned about other things than traffic.
- The lady is carrying some sort of electronic equipment in her hand.
- The lady has some sort of large messy bag hanging from her shoulder or on the bicycle.
- The lady doesn't wear a helmet.
- The lady looks miffed / mentally absent
- The photo is shot from close distance.
- Flash is used.

Try to fullfill as many rules as possible - minimum 3 rules.

Model Rådhuspladsen 3
He offers here a couple of examples of his quest.


Anonymous said...

It's a given I totally dig Erik's Dogme and pics(, dude) :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos, as usual, but I really don't get why a bicycle too-big for the rider is seen as chic. Guess classic sit-up-and-beg bicycles look too tall. Perhaps thinking of this as almost everyone in Amsterdam had bicycles too large for me to borrow...

By the way, the word verification is "warment" - is that a garment worn to warm oneself up? Very useful on this bleak November day. Must be a chic scarf to qualify for this category.

Adrienne said...

I say we have a contest! Those of us outside the CPH/AMS world try to photograph someone fulfilling as many of the rules as possible in our own locations. We get a month to complete the task. Takers?

demor (verification word and kickin' drag queen name- Ms.Demor Demerrier!)