15 November 2008

La Double Vie de Verychic

La Double Vie de Verychic
Girlfriends riding together on the bike lanes of Copenhagen. Sociable, sustainable, fashionable. [Confused about the blog title?]
La Double Vie de Verychic
Girlfriends continuing their chat at a red light. The one on the right practices the old school red light posture. Getting right off the bike and waiting for green. Style over speed indeed. Maybe it goes with being a violin player. Or just being a Copenhagener. Or both.

Three Astride
And on some stretches, there's room for three [or more] friends to ride astride and chat on the bike lanes.


Anonymous said...

Nah, not violin player, so it must be a Copenhagener thingie.

chococat78 said...

It is nice to see friends riding together having a chat :)

Lynn said...

I love the hats. How about a series on the chic hats of Copenhagen? It's the first thing I look at (and then the architecture). Such a contrast to the helmeted heads in the US, no matter how well-dressed.

Gratistotal said...

i suscribe lynn, copenhaguen cycle hat chic, good idea!

Anonymous said...

I have never had anyone yell at me "nice helmet", but at least once a week someone shouts out a window, "nice hat" or "nice beret".