12 November 2008

Bad Day At Cycle Chic + Rainy Moods

Bad Day at Cycle Chic
Once in a while there's a bad day here at Cycle Chic. I wasn't even trying to take a photo of this Copenhagener. I was focused on something up ahead. My finger hit the button and I first saw the result at home.

Which goes to show that you can virtually close your eyes and point your camera in Copenhagen and you'll probably end up with a shot of a chic Copenhagener.

I love this rainy day shot. I love all the shots when a cyclist is just launching into motion but this one is great. Both chaps have just reached speed and their right feet are gliding towards the pedals. It's stationary and yet filled with movement, motion, momentum.

Bluebrella Speed
Another little umbrella shot.

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