5 October 2008

Sunday Yawn

Copenhagen Yawn
It's Sunday. It's cloudy and rainy. What can possibly be more appropriate than a couple of cycling photos featuring yawns.
Paris Bike Culture - Cycling Sociably
This photo is from Paris. In other countries the cyclist next to you at the light is often panting, sweating and pumped with adrenaline.

In many European cities, the pace is casual and relaxed and a yawn is quite acceptable and often a requirement. :-)


ManfredKZ said...

Uaaaaahhh.(Yawn) It's cloudy and rainy here in Calgary as well, where we are visiting my brother who moved here this week.
So far I have mostly been just alone waiting at the lights with my bike....and sometimes yawning, in front of curious regards coming from behing steering wheels....
cheers and a good Sunday, from Alberta, Canada.

San Smith said...

this is definitely how I felt this morning riding to work!

Also - The woman in the green striped dress looks fantastic. What a great outfit!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I was actually thinking this morning about how often I do this while riding, and the fact that I had never seen it in any of the velocouture blogs. Thanks for the prompt response. I'll have to think of other cool things to think about. Val

Tu-Anh said...

the last picture - they make biking look so chic. theres not a lot of bikes in the US.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks all.
that's cool, Val.