6 October 2008

Double Up

What a gentleman.
Two girlfriends, both holding a delicious cup of coffee, pedal off down the street.

In other news, the cool online mag .city cycling selected The Slow Bicycle Movement as website of the month! Cool!


Gratistotal said...

oh!! what a man! my husband never do the same !

Anonymous said...

Why, why is this illegal in Denmark?? It's practical, and oh so cosy to sneek your cold fingers in your pockets (or warm them on your guy's belly) while being pedalled along.

Funny, btw, in Holland (where it is legal) we usually side-sit (the girls, that is).

Great pictures, once again.

Colville-Andersen said...

teach him, raquel! he can learn!

emmy: it is, technically, illegal. but the law says that it is illegal unless the bike is 'equipped' for a passenger. which is a broad interpretation. i heard of a guy with a short john who put a little seat belty thing on the front rack so his girlfriend could sit there. totally useless, but the police, who stopped him, couldn't argue with it.

alternatively a little piece of wood on the back rack, with an attached pillow would do the trick.

Anonymous said...

haha, thanks for the advice! Until now my strategy was just to play stupid, the unknowing foreigner ;)