2 October 2008


Riding and Walking Tall
Serious Heels.
Seriously small dog.
Curious Glance
Seriously big dog.
Seriously wide bike lane. Read why it's suddenly wider on copenhagenize.com.


Anonymous said...

Seriously cool blog.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I'm not so sure - those look more like humorous heels to me....Val

Anonymous said...

I hope as gas prices go up and bicycling becomes more popular, the US can look at Copenhagen's streets as a way that cars and bikes can travel side by side. It looks so good to be able to ride side by side on the streets without getting honked at.

my hyggelig said...

that's a great post! it made me smile and I haven't done that much this week. Thank you!

ManfredKZ said...

Nice selection of photos, in a soft Autumn sun! Greetings from Edmonton, AB.