12 October 2008

German Cycle Chic

Due to travel, computer problems and lots of work (yeah ok it's no excuse!), Velomama has been away from the blog for a while - physically, if not mentally!

This summer, Velomama went around Europe with an InterRail pass. It gives you free travel by train all over Europe for a given period of time and is good value for money if you have the time to spend hours and hours in trains! (Very environmentally friendly & slow travel-like).

First stop was Gera in Eastern Germany, where my good mate Sam Hopkins was artist-in-residence. Here on his bike with girlfriend Nina on the pedals.
Sam N Nina
Sam N Nina

Then on a train to Hamburg, where cycle chics crowded the area outside the Central Station..
Straps Handbag & Hey
Lightpole Rest Urban Forest

Stay tuned for more pics from Amsterdam, Marseille and Serbia...

It's good to be back!
Love, Velomama


village mama said...

we've missed you! looking forward to more ;-)

chococat78 said...

I love this pictures! Can't wait for more :D

Unknown said...

Thanks, both of you!
:-) :-) /VM