13 October 2008

Art Imitates Copenhagen Life

Field Chic
I nabbed an inflight magazine from Sterling Airlines that featured this classic Cycle Chic image on the cover of the Sept/Oct 2008 issue. What a splendid shot. Sterling flies around Europe so if you're planning on coming to Copenhagen, they are very reasonably priced. The magazine is published by Ink Publishing.

And while we love seeing beautiful shots inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic, we love the real thing even more. Like these shots from the morning rush hour last week:

Green Music



Anonymous said...

well i'm happy the airlines are gettting in on the bike action... 10 years ago you wouldn't ever see an ad like that.

i do love what she's wearing...

ManfredKZ said...

Great, just wonderful!
Great posting, Zakka. Cheers,
from Edmonton, AB.

Gladis said...

I love that man's green bike!! What brand is that?

Gratistotal said...

no no no art imitates copenhaguen life"
you have made a universal trend, congratulations!

Colville-Andersen said...

the bike is a Danish Centurion

Anisa said...

On a recent flight from AMS to CPH this was the first image I saw! I immediately thought of Copenhagen Cycle Chic and assumed a ton about the Danish culture, all of it true!

Anonymous said...

The green bike is from the Danish brand Centurion http://www.centurion.dk

There's also a German brand named Centurion http://www.centurion.de
But this has nothing to do with the Danish brand.