16 October 2008

Encroaching Darkness

Moment of Clarity
The days are getter shorter and cooler. Today the day is 7 hours and 5 minutes shorter than on the summer solstice - 21 June. No wonder Danes buy more candles than any other nation. Keeping the winter evenings and nights cosy.

Despite the fading light, the bicycles continue to roll. Like the Copenhagener above. She just commenced off the light. Hasn't rolled more than 5 cm. but she is in motion.
The short winter days make the appearance of brilliant sunshine all the more spectacular, especially when riding to work in the morning. You cherish it.

Been a while since The Sartorialist has posted a bicycle shot but here's a fresh one from Milano.


Gratistotal said...

i have send you photos from milan, about cycle chic

Colville-Andersen said...

si si si! i know! been busy... :-)

chococat78 said...

These shots are cool!