8 August 2008

Rush Hour, Bridges and Suchlike

I've been out shooting film footage for a little film I've been asked to make about Copenhagen's bike culture - all the wonderful aspects of it. I'll be posting some great still shots from the streets in the coming days.

Bicycles and Bridges. They seem made for each other. This is Langebro. Long Bridge. Cyclists have been crossing the harbour on this bridge since 1954, although there has been a bridge here since 1656.
The bridge has been immortalised in a Danish song by a band you've never heard of named Gasolin'. And by me, in this little time lapse video where I took a photo every weekday for about eight months:

Bike Funk
There has been a trend for a year or so of Copenhageners investing in newer, cooler bikes. Going for quality brands like Velorbis or Batavus instead of buying cheapish models at supermarkets. Nevertheless, the workhorse bicycle in it's funkiest, most personal incarnation lives on. Slap some stickers on the beast. Smile as the rust develops. It's all personality. Old people acquire charm and an air of experience when they get wrinkles. The same applies to bikes. Rust, a squeak, a wobbly wheel.

Another shot of the bicycle as a social form of transport. Couples pedalling about, free to chat and regard the city that surrounds them.

Left and Right
Alternatively, you don't need to ride with someone to get the sensation of riding with someone, if you know what I mean. You are constantly surrounded by your fellow citizens, each on their own personal version of the most efficient machine ever invented.
Velorbis Scrap Deluxe [Feat. Wifealiciousness]
Wifealiciousness and I decided that this photo of her on the Velorbis Scrap Deluxe shoot is the coolest.


Anonymous said...

I love the time lapse sequence.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks! it took 8 months, so I'm glad you do!