8 August 2008

Film and Fashion

Firstly, the film. A little cinematic thingy I whipped up. The music is from 1935, a song called 'Cykelsangen' - The Cycle Song - by Poul Henningsen, written for his film 'Danmark' from the same year. It was a documentary about the state of the nation and he wrapped it up with a long sequence of lovely Copenhageners cycling, with this song as the backdrop. "Cycling girls... lovely shoes on pedals" are among the lyrics. Some things never change and thank goodness for that. We've blogged a few times before about the iconic figure of the Cycling Girl as an integral part of Danish history. Denmark has a mammoth back catalogue of songs and poems celebrating our cycling women. This song is one of the classics.

Copenhagen Vision
This week sees Copenhagen showing her colours as a fashion capital. Fashion is a major industry here, as one might expect from a nation known for its design heritage and the Copenhagen Vision fashion fair is in full swing. What will we be wearing next spring/summer and will Paris Hilton show up are the two main questions. [the latter is in town plugging her new bags.]
Copenhagen Vision
Wifealiciousness blogged about the fashion week over at Modler Style - in Danish - if you're interested in a designer's POV.

At the major venues it's a constant parade of frightfully well-dressed participants heading for catwalk shows or events or free alcohol. I went past the other day and noticed that most of the foreign guests were showing up in a convoy of taxis from either the airport or their designer hotel. It was a polygot extravanganza what with all the langauges wafting past.
Copenhagen Vision
But typically, most of the locals were rolling up on their bikes, as these pictures attest. Because it's easy and quick, because it's just what you do in Copenhagen but maybe because the Italians and Americans hogged all the taxis. Nevertheless, we're showing how to do it and leading the way.
Copenhagen Vision

Copenhagen Vision

Copenhagen Vision


Anonymous said...

great film Z.
I hope you're wearing a helmet? Afterall, pretty distracting subject matter.

Colville-Andersen said...

what's a helmet? this is true bicycle culture. we have skirtguards and chainguards and bells. we have style over speed.

AMR said...

Indeed a great movie and song, thank you.
They are not fast but they sure CRUISE along nicely on their bikes.
So inspiring, I better get on my bike for my training session.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, amr.
can't think of any reason why they would bother going fast. it's not the tour de france. it's going to work and back again.