22 August 2008


City Centre
The heart of the city we love so much.

Danish Dutch
A happy marriage of Dutch and Danish. Bike from the Netherlands. Citizens of Denmark.

Business As Usual
Business suit on the way to work. Complete with a coffee holder on the handlebars for her latte.

Evening Couple
Evening Couple
Evening couples using the bicycle as a means of transport and togetherness.


my hyggelig said...

Just this week I was wishing I had a coffee holder for my bike. Nice...

ManfredKZ said...

Very nice and cinematic shots, my friend! Have to visit Copenhagen one day, it's really a cool city :)
Cheers, from Edmonton, AB

Anonymous said...

I love that top picture. You don't have a larger version of it do you? Like with a width of 800 pixels or more?

AMR said...

I love that city too... and I haven't even been there.
Photographs are great!
Hope to visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Every time I visit your BLOG, I get more and more inclined to visit Copenhagen.

This Fall is Holland.

Next year??

Beautiful images - thank you

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and am IN LOVE.

I've dreamed of living in denmark for what seems like ages, and you are only increasing my desire to do so!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for being mentioned in The Copenhagen Post!

Anonymous said...

On the coffee holder: wouldn't stopping to down a cappuccino/espresso from a ceramic cup be more in line with your maxims?

Ana said...

ahhh, a coffee holder on the handlebars?!!! a bike from heaven!!!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the comments, everyone.

alan... larger versions are available at flickr.

nick: you're right... our maxims dictate consumption of coffee at stationary points like groovy cafés. but many people have to go to something called 'workplaces' and the transportation of coffee is necessary. :-)