24 August 2008

Guest Photos, Lingerie and The Wings of Hermes

It's been far too long since we've heard from our friend Derek Pearson from BikeRubbish.com in Washington State. Luckily, he sent this photo along the other day. In his words: "Hot date - heading to the outdoor movie with my sweet sweet wife :)" Style over speed, indeed. Thanks, as ever, Derek, for sending the photos along.

Here's another one from Derek, in San Francisco.

A Triumph for Cycling in Copenhagen

If you have a new underwear collection and want to show it off in Copenhagen, you use a bike. Oh, and underwear. Triumph paraded models down the pedestrian street in the heart of the city, led by a rickshaw from Flying Tigers Rickshaws - thanks to my mate Alkis who owns the company for this film.

The Wings of Hermes on your legs
Trouser clips from MOMA
Now while all bikes have chainguards in Copenhagen - and basically everywhere else with bike culture these - funky trouser clips might be of interest to those who need to protect their trouser legs. Ride with the Wings of Hermes. Available from MOMA.

Danish Basket Cases
Here's a link to a national newspaper's list of baskets for your bike. New, classic and everything in between. It's in Danish, but the links are clickable no matter what language you speak.


Anonymous said...

Those Triumph-girls look more uncomfortable than triumphant. Maybe it's because they just realized that they are blatantly underdressed. I don't think it's chic to walk down ”Strøget” in just your underwear - that's more like the classical bad dream come alive.

What else should be avoided in Copenhagen? Yes: Don't use a bicycle as a gimmick. In Copenhagen a bike is just a bike - even if it has three wheels.

Anonymous said...

Nils, a question: what is your average daily LUX-dosis? *snark* :)

Anonymous said...

I get plenty of light, Amsterdamize, but it hasn't made my eyes all eating. To MY eyes half naked is not necessarily sexy - those girls are just a sad little bunch in a bad video, who wish they were somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

ok, Nils, I got your point (I joked on the merits of your 'classical bad dream' remark, as I think for most it would be classic but anything but bad :-p), but I don't think the girls were forced to do anything against their will (I'm also pretty sure there's no such thing as slave labor in CPH and they were paid well)

I couldn't disagree with you more on not using bicycles as gimmicks by definition (although I'll rant about abuse of it). It's just life imitating art and vice versa. Mikael posted about that campaign to change bike taxi riders' behaviour. I think it fits the bill perfectly. One example I didn't really like was this one. Just to show I'm not that superficial :)

cheers, Marc

dianasfaria.com said...

Love the guest photo shot. beautiful bicyclist against a beautiful backdrop.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with nils, this gimmick probably seemed like a better idea at the drawing board than it turned out in reality

Anonymous said...

Amsterdamize, I refrain from comment on what you say happened in your head, when you read my posts. Thank you very much for sharing, but It's too private for me to go into. Especially I don't mean anything about sex dreams and slavery.

As I said, a bike is just a bike, and the Niholas from the city council, that you mention, are not bikes used as gimmicks either. It's not the bikes that make this little press friendly show interesting but the message of peace, love and understandig.

Colville-Andersen said...

so nils, you won't be wanting my long list of recommend internet porn links then? :-)

Anonymous said...

zak -
As always, thanks for the entertaining blog.

Nils seems to be taking this post a bit too seriously. My only disappointment with the Triumph girls was that they were not riding bikes....

Onto another contentious subject: Bike helmets.
Check out this link and let us know if you think this is for real:

- man

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your comment, Zakkaliciousness. Why would I want or not want links to internet porn. I just don't follow. Please explain it for me.

Colville-Andersen said...

nevermind, kære kære nils. humour is never funnier when one has to explain it. :-)

man... speaking of humour... I know the site well... mainly because it is a product of my own twisted, ironic mind. i whipped it up a few months back. :-) glad you found it.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!
Knowing you are behind it makes it that much more humorous

- man