9 July 2008

Two Times Three Cyclists

One Plus Two
A recent graduate wearing her traditional graduation hat, riding off with a friend. Congratulations!

Two Plus One
Dapper Danish superdad picked up the kid today.


Tom said...

These doubles always surprise me. Its illegal to ride double here in Tennessee, USA.

Kimberly A. Suta said...

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Susanne said...

riding with children isn't illegal here. you can have two kids on a bike in kids' bike seats. doubling in the sense of someone sitting on your back rack is, technically, illegal but it's rarely enforced.

Anonymous said...

The father with his child reminds me of a problem I've been thinking about lately. It would be very nice to find dressy clothes for men that are suitable for biking in very warm climates. Having living in the South and Southwest United States all my life my wardrobe definitely changed (for the worse, aesthetically) since I began to ride my bike for transportation.

Any hints from well-dressed fellas who live in climes less mild than Northern Europe? Linen? Seersucker?

Anthony "makes his living working on bikes, but doesn't always want to look like he does" King

2whls3spds said...

natural fibers are the best, stay away from cotton if possible. Very light weight wools work well for me. I have also heard that the new bamboo cloths are very nice. BTW I live and work in NC and SC. Currently in the Charleston area.

Are you looking for suits or slacks and shirts or?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a guy--I usually get through the heat by wearing a dress--but it does get steamy here in the Southern Midwest. I would suggest that if you have to wear a suit, that on the hottest of hot days you carry your jacket and just go pants and shirtsleeves. Can you get by with wearing a polo or short sleeved suit shirt? With a jacket on inside, no one will know the difference (as a fashion conscious gal, I actually love the look of short-sleeve button downs on guy. I say, bring 'em back!)

Stick with lighter colors (tans, browns, grays) and lighter weight fabrics. I don't suggest wearing linen unless you can be wrinkly at work. Seersucker seems pretty juvenile to me, so unless you are under 30 and work for a hip place, I would stick with lighter suit fabrics like Wool Crepe or cotton/wool blends. Ride early in the morning, and try to find routes that are in the shade.

And know that you will sweat.

Anonymous said...

2 helmets in one picture! I know they're not chic, but are they really as rare in Copenhagen as the pictures suggest? Really like the site and the pictures - makes me want to visit!

Anonymous said...

Unless you like to look like a sharpei don't use pure linnen. Try a wool blend. Wool/cotton (as mentioned before) or Wool/linnen blend.