31 July 2008

They Can't Be Stopped

You cannot stop them. The weather is hot and Copenhageners head for the beach or the harbour at every opportunity. Every day of the week.


All along the harbour Copenhageners hang out, swim, sun themselves, drink beer, flirt and enjoy the heat. Ten years ago, the harbour was filled with commercial shipping and not at all fit for swimming. Now it is a refreshing focal point in the urban landscape of the city.

Beachy Keen


Me, I'm off to summer house in Sweden for a day or so. Marie is travelling around Europe researching bicycle culture. She was just in Amsterdam where she hooked up with our kindrid spirit Marc, from Amsterdamize.com. He blogged about her visit and their bike ride here and, being a Dane, she promptly drank him under the table.


Kristin Tieche said...

Copenhagen summers look FUN! How long do they last? Maybe I can still swing in a beach day in September, and show you how a San Franciscan can drink people under the table! ;-)

Anonymous said...

soothing and very inviting footage, Mikael. And your focus on tables and alcoholic beverages keeps cracking me up. We'll say 'Skoll' soon :)

Gratistotal said...

with a bike you can get the best tan colour, as you know

bgfkomedia said...

what s that lovely song?

Søren Rindal said...

Nice movie. But way too short. I would like to follow you all the way from Langebro to the new pedestrian bridge.

Nice concept btw.

Karima said...

Possibly it's starting here in DC, although I wouldn't go as far as to say "they can't be stopped." :-) Still. Thought you might find this of interest:


I have a brand-spanking new Breezer Uptown. I ride from my home in Chevy Chase, DC to the Uni in Foggy Bottom (12 miles roundtrip). I look forward to the day when it won't be 95 degrees and so humid and urban sticky you could wring the air with your hands, so I can wear regular work clothes. Until then, I sweat away in my daily washed shorts and tees. Min mor er dansk so I really love your blog. It reminds me of those many summers when we went to Denmark to stay with mormor and morfar in the big old praestegaard in Hvidovre and later when they retired to an old school house in Solderup, near the german border. Good times. Bikes were always an essential part of those summers.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, everyone!
the song is Bicycle 9. anton barbeau

thanks, kars, for the lovely story.

MoMo 2.0 said...

same thing has been happening in Jutland...but week 32 is fast approaching and everyone has to go back to work!