12 July 2008


Went to take a dip in Copenhagen's harbour bath next to the Brygge Bridge. Place was crowded with Copenhageners going home from work - or just going somewhere in the nice afternoon sunshine.

Hey There!
Firm 'n' Funky
Stripy Glide

Jacob Step Over Bike
Red Boom Red Shoes and Shirt
Old School Youngster Prey
It's my shadow in the bottom right photo. Not very discrete!
The guy with the pink shirt and red helmet is a former colleague, Jacob, a really nice bloke. Just a shame I didn't recognize him until after I'd taken the photo - he was long gone by then :)


Almafuerte said...

I really like the old school youngster look in a photo below, sometimes the cargo trousers fit well. nice bike too.

Cyclingred said...

So some folks do wear helmets?

Zakkaliciousness said...

Some do, yes. Very few.

kicking.and.screaming said...

I like this culture yes i do.