6 July 2008

Flowers Versus Stripes

Apparently, it's either flowers or stripes this summer. My closet definitely has more stripes than flowers.. How about you, what do you prefer?

Waist of Time

Bike Chat

Flowers by the Lake Flower Race
Stripes by the Lake Copenhagen Caravan

Combining is also an option:
See My Helmet


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that's not a tough one...I like 'm all ! :) Obviously, as a man, I'm biased towards impartiality, hehe.

A good Canadian female friend of mine said: 'I like people that wear bright colors, it shows personality.'

'Nuff said, right?

the blue penny said...

oh i am a definite stripe girl. stripes with plaid, stripes with polka dots, stripes with stripes.

Courtnee said...

I definitely prefer stripes.

Gratistotal said...

Flowers, for ever and ever.

Anonymous said...

As a male there is less to think about. You could include more pics of men to give us fashion challenged men some help. Here is one who really needs help.

But I really do prefer to see the ladies. :)

Unknown said...

Great to see you care!

I agree with marc that bright colors show personality.. Which also goes for bright colored bikes, I might add :-)

cyclingred, we regularly blog about bike fashion for men. I agree with you, that guy in the pic doesn't exactly get more people out on their bikes! Maybe if he added some stripes or flowers, it would turn out for the better :-P