7 July 2008


Lovely and stylish Copenhagen couple on the bike lanes one afternoon. Splendid pink heels.


WestfieldWanderer said...

Looking at the group in front: Helmets? Lycra? In Copenhagen? Tourists!

Anonymous said...

Yes those heels are splendid.

But "Copencouple"? That is a title that causes one to do a double take. :)

Sarah said...

Speaking of heels... I saw a girl on Vesterbrogade today riding a light pink bike with exactly matching light pink heels. You would have loved it. It was so, so chic. I wish I had my camera. You were there in spirit. :)

Unknown said...

Of course they are tourists. No other possibility.

Sarah, next time do bring a camera, will you? Or if you see us biking around Vesterbrogade (a common spot for us to spot chics & chicos), wave at us or something...


Colville-Andersen said...

indeed, westfield, indeed.

i didn't understand your point, cyclingred, at first. now i get it! :-)

sarah!!! get a camera, girl! and, like marie said, wave next time! :-)