16 June 2008


Street Striding
A purposeful urban stride.
Common Goal
I'm sure their destination will be pleasant, but the journey together is, too.
Classy Chap
Dapper chap on the King's New Square.
Three Copenhageners
Three Copenhageners.
Hands Free Mobile
Funk is in the new punk.


Gratistotal said...

oh, people return to grey colours, whats the matter???its summer time!

Colville-Andersen said...

Grey is the new pink.

Gratistotal said...

jajajajaja, take care with the irony here, you make tendence in this blog!

Anonymous said...

I remember here in The States in the late fifties, grey _and_ pink together was very fashionable in mrn's dress shirts. The shirt might have been pink with grey cuffs (link-type of course) and collar. Sometimes pink shirt with grey pinstriping.

Not speaking pop-culture popular either, executive fashionable.

GM had a coral pink and grey two-tone color scheme in their 1955 automobile line up too.

Colville-Andersen said...

that's interesting, Alf! thanks for sharing your insight.