17 June 2008

Parking Made Elegant

There are few places in the world where the simple act of parking a bike is elevated to poetry, elegance and grace.
Poetry in Motion
The Art of Parking Your Bike And Removing Your Bag From The Basket.
The Art of Double Decker Bike Parking At A Train Station.
Red Below
The Art of Walking Away From Your Bike After Parking It.
Bike Guard Dog
The Art of Guarding Your Valuable Parking Spot.
The Art of Avoiding Bike Racks and Dogs Guarding Them #01
Christiania Helgoland
The Art of Avoiding Bike Racks and Dogs Guarding Them #02
Is This My Bike?
The Art of Trying To Find Your Bike.
Bike Parking
The Art of Removing Your Bike From The Bike Rack.
Button Up
The Art of Buttoning Up Before Riding Away From the Bike Rack.
The Art of Sending a Text Message Before Riding Away From The Bike Rack.
The Art of Riding Away From The Bike Rack.


Gratistotal said...

i have send you a parkiing photo in ibiza city, have you received yet?

elaine said...

The Art of Finding Your Bike made me laugh! In high school I was a foreign exchange student in Tokyo, and my first day commuting to school, I couldn't find my bike in the bike parking lot. I later found out it had my host family's name written on the frame. After that, my host mom tied a stuffed animal to the basket so it would be easier for me to find. :) Good times....

Anonymous said...

....how do you get your bike on that top rack?

Colville-Andersen said...

si, si, senorita. calma! :-)

glad you like it elaine.

aprilstarchild. you lift it.

AMR said...

Jealously is what I feel when looking at pictures portraying bike culture in European cities, like yours.

I do commute to work sometimes but it is always a stressing effort as we have to "compete" with cars, buses and trucks for a little piece of the roads. Hence, my rides to work always feel like bike races! Or that is just how I ride bicycles.

Love the photography on your site!



Anonymous said...

Great pictures again! Art, indeed, a secular 'amen' to that :-)

N said...

I always wondered how people find their bike in that pile.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, amrcyclist.
the need to 'compete' is probably just the way you ride. if it works for you, that's great. glad you like the photography!

marc: thanks, mate.
bluefish: you usually end up finding them. usually.