19 May 2008

With Child - Cycling Whilst Pregnant

La famiglia *
I've posted the above photo before, of Wifealiciousness, my son and our daughter, in the womb. Here it is again, together with other photos of women cycling with child.

As one might expect, there are few things that stop you riding your bike in Copenhagen. A normal pregnancy certainly isn't any reason to stop. You still have to get around town - to work or on errands - and exercise is important when pregnant.

We live across the street from a midwives office - almost all births in Denmark are done by midwives - and you see pregnant women cycling to and fro on a daily basis.

Doctors virtually prescribe cycling whilst pregnant in Denmark. Regarding cycling as a transport form for the majority of cyclists, I found this text on the Netdoktor website about cycling and pregnancy. It is highly recommended by doctors in Denmark to ride while pregnant, right up to the end if you can. But this text says it all about how cycling is regarded in Denmark:

"Cykling er ikke kun en transportform, men i lige så høj grad en motionsform"

In English: "Cycling isn't only a form of transport, but also a great way to excercise."

I love that. Reminding Danes that cycling is good exercise, too. 
Mum to Be

With Child

With Child


A Danish book entitled Pregnancy and Exercise featuring, not surprisingly, a woman on a bicycle.


Somanìa said...

first time I see pregnants women cycling, only in copenagen! very lovely. I send you a photo with my litlle baby by mail. Congratulations for the blog!

Anonymous said...

Love these shots. Charming! Pregnant women are so beautiful and they look great on bikes! Under the shadow of global climate change, somehow it gives hope for the future. We could make this work without poisoning ourselves and our planet.

Gratistotal said...

Pregnant bikers are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What kind of bike does Wifealiciousness have?

Gustavo Ferreira said...

Muito interessante seu blog,
mas poderia possuir um translate para diversas linguas. Este recurso possui no meu:



Stéphane Brault said...

This is life! Natural. Our grand parents never stop working for pregnancy. It's not a disease! My grand mother never stop anything, working twelve hours a day at the family farm whith thirteen childrens. She died at 98 years old.
Whats wrong today! High tech hospitals research try to stop nature??
Future mothers, Don't stop, continue shopping and do anything on bike! You are so beautiful!!

Thank you for sharing so beatiful moments of natural urban life.

Gustavo Ferreira said...

Would have some problem to annex link of its blog in mine? I live in a quarter of Rio De Janeiro that uses bicycle and I enchanted for its blog. I will place link of its blog in the pagina of mine all good?

yes? no?



Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for all the comments.
natalie... in that photo Wifealiciousness is riding a rather generic Ninja Shopping by Jupiter. A Danish brand.

She now rides a Velorbis Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the response and the new post!

Mari Lynch said...

I attribute my easy labor with my firstborn to bicycling throughout pregnancy, even through final month.

Thanks for the beautiful photos!

Mari Lynch said...

I attribute my easy labor with firstborn to bicycling throughout pregnancy. Biking in ninth month of pregnancy was such a lighter, freer way to keep my body moving.

Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Unknown said...

PLease take and post MORE beautiful women-cycling-while-pregnant photos!! Love them!!!

M.Fin, new Midwife, NYC (also an avid cyclist)