18 May 2008

Sunday Cruise

These cruisers are all the rage in Copenhagen, in the 15-25, female demographic group.


Anonymous said...

you're right, they are becoming the next best thing, especially the stretched ones. Today I saw a 15 yr old girl riding a yellow version of this one: http://www.thechopperdome.nl/db/EXACT47fcb21c5ba74/B3375_Basman_107SL_Black.jpg

pretty awesome

Wilma Flanagan said...

I'm over 50, and love my blue Electra Townie cruiser! Your blog has inspired me almost as much as my visit to Amsterdam last summer. I am riding my bike everywhere these days, and the only reason I don't wear high heels on my bike, is because I don't wear high heels to walk either!

Rafael Sartori said...

Hello, I´m from Curitiba, south of Brazil. Saturday I was going to the beach when i saw this family at the Rod. From now on, he is my Super hero!! The wife + 2 kids + the dog


And your blog is a bis success here in Brazil.
good work

dianasfaria.com said...

I love her style with the fabulous jacket-so chic!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the comments. cool photo, rafael!

Stéphane Brault said...

In Montreal, the cruisers is everywhere. It's the american look of the european style. More style, less speed... Next big thing. Maybe because we dont have Velorbis and Batavus bikes.

Colville-Andersen said...

stephane: you can get Velorbis sent to you from:
The Dutch Bicycle Company
T: 617 591-1234
Web: http://www.dutchbikes.us