25 May 2008

Relaxing Sunday Concerto Post

A random day of the week in Copenhagen. Copenhageners heading home in the afternoon along the busiest bike lane in the nation - Nørrebrogade [North Bridge Street]. Over 30,000 bikes use this stretch each day.
Have a relaxing Sunday wherever you are.
Hej hej!


deryke said...

i will ... d!

linda said...

Here in Australia I fear we will never have the bike riding respect and freedom there is in Denmark. Most bike riders are decked out in lycra for the weekend rides along the beach - hideous helmets on their heads. All I want to do is to take my Raleigh push bike for a long and safe ride. I love your blog.

Martti Tulenheimo said...

Relaxing video indeed.

What's characteristic about it, is that you can count a total of 8 pedestrians (and presumably one baby), 4 cars and at least 37 cyclists.

Makes one think.

Thanks for the thought :)!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks all!

linda: there is hope for australia as this guest photo from sydney attests.

martti: 37% of the population ride their bikes each day, 35% take public transport [busses and trains] and the rest walk or drive.

you'll see more pedestrians in the city centre, of course, and in the neighbourhoods. but here there are bikes heading home.

Gratistotal said...

Cycling its the best way to show everybody our outfits.
Thanks for the link about trendstop, it is now in my favourites!

Amsterdamize said...

I expected nothing less when I saw that post title ;), dreamy...I so need to go to Copenhagen this summer.

FunkyLuv said...

i absolutelly love this city!

Colville-Andersen said...

mindcaster... sterling fly from amsterdam to copenhagen from €24 one way if you book in advance.

raquel: trendstop is very cool. my wife uses it regularly.

Amsterdamize said...

thanks for the tip, Zak, didn't know Sterling! Suweet deals. Don't know when, yet, but it will happen. Most Danish Chic go away on vacation in July/August, right? :-)

Colville-Andersen said...

their numbers are so great that the city is never left unattended by chic cyclists. :-)

Amsterdamize said...

thanks for the reassurance :-)

Aaron Stiner said...

Great video! I love the slow mo with the music. So many bikers, so many kinds of bikes, it makes me happy watching.

Stoopid america! Why couldn't I be born in a country where riding bikes is such a part of daily life!

I stayed in Amsterdam for a week with friends at their flat. The first place they took me to was the bike rental, (then the hash house)!

They gave me a key and a map and said, "have a fun week"! I loved it. While I hit some of the museums and such, I mostly rode around the city and even took a trip across the northern canal and into the countryside! Beautiful!

The best I can do in Arizona is ride a mile to the grocer and my yoga studio. At least its something.

Sorry for the ramble, but whenever I see your blog I think, "now there is living!"

Anyway, nice video =)

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks for the comment, Aaron. Remember... you were born in a country that has HAD a fantastic bike culture, on a par with Europe. It's been there once, it can happen again.
Bike Culture 2.0.