1 May 2008

The First of May

Happy May Day

Happy First of May. AKA May Day, Labour Day, International Workers' Day.
All over Europe and the world red flags are flying to celebrate the holiday. Here in Denmark the nurses and care workers are striking for better pay - all the more reason to celebrate with a flurry of red photos.

What is normally a day of celebration is also, coincendentally, the day of the Danish Cup Final. Today Brøndby and Esbjerg battled it out in the National Stadium, Parken. Since we don't fancy either team, we have no idea who won.
But here's a bit of football cycle chic and a fine demonstration of how to transport one's self to a football match featuring a decent team - F.C. Copenhagen:
On the Way to Football


Unknown said...

This is a cool site. I am a fellow commuter in Green Bay WI. I may have to start taking pics on my commutes.

Kristin Tieche said...

Today in San Francisco, for May Day, I briefly attended the "Impeach Bush" rally downtown! More folks in tie-dye than in red! ;-)

Colville-Andersen said...

impeach bush? that must have been a quick rally, given the damning evidence! :-)

all guest photos are welcome!