1 May 2008

Chicago Dreams

Chicago Cycle Chic from Hankandme.blogspot.com
We haven't heard much from Chicago from readers of the blog until today. Two great emails pop into the Cycle Chic inbox from The Third City. Both with clear an undeniable links to Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

First up, the coolest current gig in the Americas. HANK & ME is a blog about a Chicagoen and her bike, Hank. Here's her pitch from the blog:
This is the story of Hank & me. Hank is my oma bicycle make by henry workcycles. Inspired by Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize, we're going Dutch for 365 days in the city of Chicago. That's right - no car, no spandex, no toe clips. Just my everyday clothes, a bike, a lock, and a set of panniers. Can we make it the year? Hank and I think so.

Of course you'll make it! Because you're cool and Hank is cool and because 100 million Europeans do the same thing each day! :-) THIS is the kind of role model America needs in order to normalize everyday urban cycling.

We quickly suggested that she take Hank along to Erik & Me, a Danish restaurant and pub in Chicago as well as Wikstrom's Scandinavian-American Gourmet Foods to buy some Danish bread, cheese and herring and the all-important snaps [I think it's spelled schnaps 'over there']

GO chicaGO!
The other Windy City email is a fabulous guest photo from Kimberly:
Chicago Cycle Chic
Now THAT is cycle chic at it's best. THAT is a Friday night in Copenhagen. Classy and chic and a cooler than cool bike to boot. The undeniable link to Copenhagen Cycle Chic is that Kimberly runs the very bespoke Indigo Yacht Charters and among their destinations are the Virgin Islands - part of which was formally owned by Denmark until sold to the USA in 1917 for $25,000,000.

Thanks to you both for thinking of us! Any more photos? You know where to send them.


Anonymous said...

The virgin islands were sold to The United States in 1917 and not in 1925.

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks for the correction. They were sold for $25 million dollars... which is where the 25 came from... out of the cloud of facts in my head... :-)

village mama said...

thanks for sharing the Hank love!

Anonymous said...

Great US info.
Any reason why the second picture doesn't open up to a larger image as do the rest?

Anonymous said...

After seeing the beautiful photos,I decided to visit there this year.

aLex said...

first of all, i have spent the past month reading your blog from the beginning post to today's. to see that my blog graces yours is the highest compliment that i can imagine. i am honored and greatly appreciate your intent, photography, and global perspective. as a matter of fact, if i make it the 365 days (and i'm sure i will), my reward will be a trip to your fine city. thanks for the inspiration and support.

i'm getting out my heels and boots. :-)

aLex said...

amber, chicago is a great city. if you do come, shoot me an e-mail letting me know when. i can loan you a bike and give you some tips.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the comments.
aLex... if you make it to Copenhagen... i'll show you around. my wife and I have some extra bikes for visitors.

Anonymous said...

Just a note: chicago is known as the Second City in the U.S. Great city, you have to visit sometime.

Stephan said...

We be lovin' us some aLex here in Seattle and are looking forward to the national news media frenzy when she finally unpacks Hank from the crate today.

Just a little footnote: that picture of Amanda on Seattle's Ballard Ave standing over what is soon to be aLex's orange Oma was was snapped by photographer Gregg Bleakney who is now somewhere on his bicycle between Seattle and Wyoming snapping more pictures.