2 May 2008

Copenhagen Social Club

One of the great things about Copenhagen's bike lanes is that you always meet people you know. You can ride with them, you can chat at a red light or you can just wave and smile.
You'd smile, too, if you could cycle daily - alone or with a friend - on a sophisticated system of wide, comfortable, segregated bike lanes.
Central Station
Sometimes, however, your friends are late and you have to wait for them.

Prototype Exhibition Posters
Copenhagen Cycle Chic has a few photo exhibitions lined up this year. We'll give you more info as we get it confirmed. I'll be making the exhibition poster for one of them and I've been playing around with some design prototypes. They are all available for purchase on our Online Boutique. Let us know which ones you fancy the most.
Copenhagen Cycle Chic Poster - Exhibition Prototype Bicycle Culture Poster  - Exhibition Prototype Copenhagenize Poster  - Exhibition Prototype


village mama said...

great captions on these pics -- I keep giggling when I think about the last woman, 'waiting'...you truly have fun, cycle wit!

Colville-Andersen said...

tak, village mama!