20 April 2008

Sunny Sunday

Today SUNday lived up to it's name. My flatmate and I were hanging out at our local corner shop. There was a constant coming and going of sun-craving Copenhageners taking a stroll, buying pizza or just hanging out.

We appreciate the fact that until the flowers begin to blossom, Copenhagen's cool chicas provide all the vivid colours we can dream of.

Notice the casually attached red hand bag on the back of the bike.

Stripes high and low.

The Copenhagenesses were accompagnied by their offspring and better halves. Also chic 'n' cycling.


The Sparkling Thought.... said...

I'm very glad to see this fotos> cycling is very good to our health and nature.

Alfonzo said...

a really great foto collection , makes me want to visit your city and pushbike around.

Congrats on a great effort.

CYA on the road with a bicycle built for 2