20 April 2008

Chic Visibility

Red seems to be the new black this season in Copenhagen. Apart from being fashionable, flashy redness gives you good attention from motorists too.


Anonymous said...

On a new Spring bike
her Sunday clothes red and white
Danish flag colours

Angelika Kolompar

Jacob Mathai said...

I think Portland is the bicycle capital of the states! Cheers and great blog.

Punkatronick said...

Your blog is awsome. I do my best to ride my bike everyday,eventhough, in my town there are no bike lanes whatsoever.
I am trying to get a "critical mass ride" to aware the community how riding bikes is a better way of living a healthy life. Especially, since everyone is complaining about gas prices, but everyone is forgeting of the alternatives such as bicycles.
Keep up the good work, and I also hope you guys keep inspiring people like myself. Thank you.

Nina said...

I loved the cycling thing in Copenhagen when I visited from the UK. Even better, I love the bikes you guys have; there are no stylish bikes in the UK. Can you buy them online anywhere?

How easy is it to travel using these cool machines?

Anonymous said...

nina, you can get velorbis from the old bike company


or bobbin bikes sell chinese copies


and there are several companies that sell proper dutch bikes, these people are good:


Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for all the helpful comments!