6 April 2008

Resting on her Florals

copenhagen cycle chic summerliciousness
A little Sunday hint of the summerliciousness to come.

Copenhagen cycle chic
I've posted about Lego has immortalised us in Legoland, but here's the ultimate accolade. A Lego version of yours truly. Perfect except for the hat. I'm not a fisherman.
Cycle Chic Postcards
We have some new postcards for your perusal over at the Copenhagen Cycle Chic Boutique.


WestfieldWanderer said...

Love it!

It really does look as if the Lego version of you is wearing a helmet...
(ref: Copenhagenize)

(I'll get me coat...)

Colville-Andersen said...

that made me miss The Fast Show...

Anonymous said...

You might not be a fisherman, but you have so much in common with both pescator and viator of The Complete Angler (Walton, 1653) fame. The quiet patience of the experienced fisherman, with the experience and depth to know that your quarry will either arrive or not (and each is to be equally celebrated), coupled with the novice's enthusiasm and delight at every turn of events and opportunity to learn.

Anonymous said...

All-time great headline!!

(Bum IS on dress!)

/Martin Melbourne

Colville-Andersen said...

Karl... you taking the pesca out of me? :-) great analogy... thanks.

thanks, M Martin de Melbourne.