8 March 2008

Sit Up and Beg

"One sits on it either straight-backed, as though at a festive dinner party, or hunched painfully forward, as though one just failed an exam. All according to the situation, your inclination or your inborn characteristics."
Johannes Wulff 'Paa cykle' 1930

Now I'm all in favour of the aesthetic pleasures of a 'sit up and beg' bicycle. Nothing beats it, in my opinion. That's how I prefer to ride. The Copenhagener above takes the passion to a whole new level on her 8-ball bike. And she makes it work. Funky style and cheeky attitude.


Samuel said...

A 7-11 store in the shot, what a surprise. Haha. When I was in Copenhagen I couldn't believe how many there are. I've never seen such density of them in any US or Canadian city. It seemed like there was one ever other block on Vesterbrogade.

Colville-Andersen said...

i've heard that 7-11 used to be an american company but if you ask around here, they are considered Japanese, since they've been owned by a Japanese company for years. When they started moving into Copenhagen, the newspapers called them Japanese.

They're okay. They make me feel like i'm in Hong Kong or Tokyo. They have LOADS of 7-11s. :-)

2whls3spds said...
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2whls3spds said...

7-11 was an American company. Started in 1927 in Dallas, Texas. But by 1980 is was in financial difficulty and was bailed out by the Japanese and now is supposedly the largest franchise in the world. There aren't any left in my small corner of the world, but you still can recognize their buildings. Many have converted to other brands, some became laundromats, Chinese restaurants and one near my childhood home became a tea room.

And so life marches on...at the speed of cycling.


Anonymous said...

haha nice, now all it needs is an xtracycle attachment like my wife's and its super handy :)