8 March 2008

Guest Photos Amsterdam, Vietnam and... Hackney!?

This great little website is often linked to. A tourist took 82 photos in 73 minutes on a square in Amsterdam. He was amazed at all the bikes.

Our reader, Matt, sent us this photo of Cycle Chic from Vietnam:
"I snapped this on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam, in the spring of 2005. It's a reminder that many people are CycleChic because other options are few. True flower power here! Thanks for all your great photos. Matt."
And thanks to you, Matt, for your wonderfully colourful photo.

There are two phrases that, until now, have never been uttered in the same breath in the history of man. "Hackney Council" and "Cycle Chic". The East London Borough put on a "Heels & Wheels" fashion show in the historic flower market, touting the bicycle as a fashion accessory.

Councillor Alan Laing, Hackney Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said:
“It’s fantastic to see so many people turn out to support the Councils’ efforts to promote cycling as a sustainable form of transportation. We hope the Wheels and Heels event demonstrated our commitment to achieving a greater uptake of cycling, particularly amongst young women, by showing how practical and fashionable it can be as well a being a great way to stay fit and get around.”

The Cycle Chic message is spreading like a flowing summer's dress caught in a gust of wind. Yes, I actually just wrote that... :-)
Here's Hackney Council's cycling website. A fine initiative, we say.


Di said...

I love this blog! Just scrolling through your page, I was not only amused, but impressed and encouraged by the photos of women shopping in beautiful clothes while using a bike for transportation!

I live in the US, where it is almost unheard of not to use a car for transportation.

I'm currently looking into getting a bike for just commuting, and your site is giving me some great ideas . . . and it's telling me I can do it in style. ;-)


Colville-Andersen said...

What a wonderful comment, Di. Thanks for that. You CAN do it in style! Best of luck to you!