28 February 2008

The Winter That Never Was

We're probably speaking too quickly, but this winter hasn't seen any great amount of snow. It's warmer than ever, it hardly rains - how dreadfully uneventful. There's nothing like a dump of 50cm of snow to put our cyclists to the test. It may still fall, but until then we'll glance back at some wintry photos from last year.
Brunette in the process of overtaking blonde on the upwards climb to the middle of the bridge over the harbour. On a stormy, sleety day. Fortunately the slush spit up by the cars didn't make over onto the bike lane.
Winter Straddle
One of the many ways to wait at a light. The Copenhagen Straddle. Feet firmly on the ground. Looking solid, grounded and at one with one's self.
Winter Kickstand
The light is green but when 50-60 bikes are in front of you, waiting to continue on, you don't get to move right away. And remember... you don't need fancy gear in the winter... just be your old stylish self.


Gratistotal said...

If you dont mind, i have been used your wallpaper in my blog, like the image of the week!!

Colville-Andersen said...

cool. gracias.

Gratistotal said...

you´re welcome!!