29 February 2008

Guest Photos: From Everywhere.

This whole guest photo thing is really snowballing. It's wonderful to recieve so many photos from around the world. Thanks to everyone who thinks of us and sends them along.
For those of you out there who use Flickr, I've started a group - Cycle Chic Global Pool - to which you can add your photos. That makes it easier for me to blog them. Don't despair if you don't use Flickr, just mail them along to us. Right then. Here goes. A super slough of global cycle chic:

Like so many others, I turn frequently to your blog to see the latest of your inevitably smile-inducing pictures and commentaries on Copenhagen's chic and sane cycling culture. Thank you for sharing the simple joys of daily life on your city's streets and beautiful blue bike paths.
Tom [in Tuscon, USA]

From Lisbon, passing thru London on her way to happiness. The only thing comparable to cycling is watching a girl on a bicycle. Isn't it? Thanks for the photos you give us all. Best regards, Humberto.

Dear Chic Copenhagen Cyclists: Here is a picture of my freind Gypsie, who works at Aaron's Bicycle Repair, in Seattle. She usually rides a beautifully customized all red XtraCycle, but here she shows how a European bag and bike can add some style to an already enchanting ensemble. February in Seattle is treating us pretty well. Val.

Here come some cycle men from Japan! Picture is taken in April 2007.
With best regards, Alo, Estonia.

I must say the site is absolutely astounding. I was in Copenhagen in November and absolutely fell in love with the city because of the people and the mass bike culture. This is a picture of my wife who cycles with me pretty much everywhere. The picture was taken in October, there is snow everywhere now. Edmonton has a wonderful network of MUPs that follow the river valley that twists through the city itself. It makes it quick to travel from residential areas to the University or Downtown core by bike. It also connects to the velodrome! My commute is significantly quicker by bike than car, even in -25C weather.

Keep the information and great pictures coming, it is starting to be seen in the student population at the University. Fixies are disappearing and lovely girls and boys are seen dressed nicely on useful city bikes.
Cheers! Samuel

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