20 February 2008

Guest Photo: Sydney, Australia

Urban Cyclist Project 32, originally uploaded by Velovotee.

This just in from Jake in Sydney.

Hello Copenhagen,

At last I think I have a photo that is worthy to be a guest on your
excellent Cycle Chic blog! Hope you like it.

Best regards

Oh, we like it, Jake. Thanks for thinking of us. Lovely to see a spot of cycle chic from your end of the planet!.


Anonymous said...

very chic lawbreaker.

DeepBlueSea said...

What do you mean, Anon?
Is it against the law in Sydney to ride without pants?

Colville-Andersen said...

Probably a law leftover from the John Howard reign of error.

Get it changed. Tout suite.

DeepBlueSea said...

Down here we often have to ride on roads, between a row of parked cars and a stream of cars, 4WDs and utes doing 50 to 60 km, even in built-up areas.
Usually not even a painted line to mark a bike lane.
It's 'have-you-updated-your-will' stuff.

With that in mind, maybe a helmet is wise?

Nomes said...

I have seen this girl riding around - like a vision of white magic.

If only I was brave enough to risk a $250 fine and being shouted at by cars for not wearing a helmet!

I just need to move to Europe:)