10 January 2008

Retro Feel

Retro Feel, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Style over speed.
End of discussion.


Anonymous said...

I think this is one of my favorite photos. It is beautiful. But one question--is she riding the wrong way down a one-way street?

Tallmoores said...

Is it possible to be stylish on a bike if bicycle helmets are compulaory. here in Australia they are required and I wouldn't be surprised if "helmet hair" dissuades some potential cyclists.

Colville-Andersen said...

Like many streets in Copenhagen, it's one way for cars but both ways for bikes.

I'm sure it is possible, tall moores, but it must be tricky. Those racing helmets that so many people wear are not at all fashionable. However, there are many new makes on the market here that cater to the fashionable side of things. The mayor in charge of traffic and environment here in copenhagen says he doesn't wear one because it makes his head look big.

the hair issue is common, too. you ride to work in your finest clothes and a hairstyle that you paid good money for... many people are not keen on messing it up.

Anonymous said...

Americans (and Australians) has this weird fixation on bicycle helmets. I blame Le Tour. Anyway, it will probably fade with time.
Very few serious cyclists here in SA wear them, only the roadies do, but their fashion sense is, well... weird.

Anonymous said...

Wherever compulsory helmet laws have been introduced, cycling rates have gone down. Given that there's plenty of evidence that cycling prolongs your life, but no real compelling evidence that wearing a helmet makes you safer, compulsory helmet laws are counter productive.

A classic case of that other law - the one about unintended consequences.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favourites too, kinda has a Paris in the 40's feel about it-if it wasn't for the modern cars of course. It has a beautiful timeless quality to it, quite romantic :)

Colville-Andersen said...

the hysterical safety fascination in some countries is, indeed, odd.

thanks, christina. i like it, too.

Sparrow said...

Hey! I'm desperately seeking a fashionable enough helmet that suits Australian standards. Does anybody know of one? I love YAKKAY but they are not legal here. I would love to be legal AND look good but they make it hard... PLEASE HELP