10 January 2008

Bikes are Vogue

Yet another little post wherein we highlight the fact that it's not just us.

Not just us who are fascinated by cycle chic in all its manifestations. We just happen to live in a city that excels at it.

Here's something from an issue of Vogue from back in '06 where they show how bikes have been used in their photoshoots for decades.


Yokota Fritz said...

Tres cool.

You know about Sartorialist, right? He's a guy who does street fashion photography. He's featured bikes now and again -- you can find several at this link.

Anonymous said...

Vogue, December '07 also had an article on bikes "Wheels on Fire" and it included pictures of Jorg & Olif bikes and accessories, a Biomega Puma (Danish, I believe?) and, best of all, a $13,595 Chanel bike with quilted black lambskin chainguard. No kidding, it's worth the cover price just to take a look at the Chanel.

Love your blog

Colville-Andersen said...

indeed, fritz. cool website.

thanks, lori. the biomega is Danish, yes. and we had a post about the Chanel bike here