15 November 2007

Old School Analogue Dreams & A Spot of Vintage

I don't what it is about this photo.
It somehow represents a specific and previously unnamed emotion for me.
Not regret, really. No, not at all.
But rather the wondering about moments that passed without action.
What would have happened if? Where would i be today if?


A friend of ours pointed the way to some classic vintage shots of girls on bikes and cycle chic and we're planning on posting them once in awhile as a retro addendum to the current content. We hope you don't mind.

The above advert is a wonderful place to start. MCB [Monarch] Crescent bikes were a powerhouse in the 1970's, when bikes had to be 'sporty', like the above models.

We're not that fond of these racing models here on the blog, as you have certainly ascertained, unless they feature prominently in warm, hazy images from our childhood or during the Tour de France each July.

What is interesting is that the 1970's photo is basically the same thing you see in Copenhagen each summer, except for the bike style.


LYNN and HORST said...

the first picture somehow reminds me of the iconography of Alfred Hitchcock! my compliment

Colville-Andersen said...

Tak så mycka und dankeschön, L&H!