13 September 2007

It's Not Just Us!

bike, woman, wallpainting, originally uploaded by isbye.

This is a prominent wallpainting on the side of a building in the Nørrebro neighbourhood of Copenhagen. It's been there for years and years and it features, as does our blog, one of the primary aesthetic features on the bike lanes of Copenhagen.

A female Copenhagener on a bike. Four stories high.

And this is a screengrab from the Copenhagen City Council website encouraging people to remember their bike lights and spelling out the dangers of riding without. It's called Use Your Head. They chose to use a photo of yet another female Copenhagener on a bike.

Or consider this earlier post featuring an advert from Raleigh for the Danish market.

Our point? The theme and content of this blog is merely an extension of a nation's fascination with cycling, represented by our loveliest citizens while they do it.

It's our culture. Our way of life. Thanks for stopping by to experience it.

Thanks to a friend - Isbye - on Flickr for the first photo.

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gwadzilla said...

here are a few guest shots from the United States

these shots are by me www.gwadzilla.blogspot.com

all these shots were take downtown Washington DC





feel free to post any of those as GUEST SHOTS

but just make mention of the gwadzilla page with a link to my page

great shots!

love the pictures