14 September 2007

Biking in concerto

Stylish Copenhagen Couple (by [Zakkaliciousness]) Black Hat White Hat (by [Zakkaliciousness])
Now as one might expect, there are also men on the bike lanes of Copenhagen. With 36% of the population being daily cyclists a good guess is that half are male.

Our blog, of course, chooses to focus on the other half but we thought that we'd chuck a couple of unisex photos of stylish Copenhageners online to provide a brief sense of balance.

Couples heading off for a party, or a visit to the cinema or any manner of event will often choose to ride together. It's the cosy thing to do, of course.

Holding Hands, originally uploaded by 16nine.

The Royal Danish Post (by [Zakkaliciousness]) Family Bike (by [Zakkaliciousness]) Cool New Bike For Two (by [Zakkaliciousness])


Eunice said...

any couples on tandem? that's how i and my partner bike "together"...

Colville-Andersen said...

hi eunice,
thanks for the comment.
I've added the only tandem photo I have to the post. :-)

Eunice said...

that's a pretty cool tandem. nice shoes on those two, too.