1 December 2016

Everything is in the Details

Super sporty bicycle. As well as the shoes. But his outfit... Pay attention to the mittens, with grandma pattern, 90's beanie and 90's style glasses... Moreover, long, camel colour coat, that keeps this all together. His style is mixed, but at the same time it is perfect as it is. You will definitely notice this guy on the streets. One more detail though... He has two water bottles on his bike, so really, he is a sporty guy in the coat!

We all are aware that velvet is so chic this season. And this women keeps it chic with her black velvet jacket, that has something special - the pattern on the bottom of the jacket and in the end of the sleeves. As well as navy boots and pants. All dark, with a bright coloured bicycle. What more!

Friendship detail is the most important in this picture! However, there is always something more than that. Socks and the way how the girl on the right is wearing her bags... The classy camel coat, black, soft pants with sneakers and top it all with burgundy beanie on the left. So Copenhagener!!!!

I think you understand... The pants!!! You can't just put on pants and think that it will work just the same... Everything is in the details, as said in the caption. Pants with white sneakers and white head band - this is how it works and she knows it!

Lets face it... Her best detail is the sun flare in the photo!!! And with the red coat, black leather backpack, super cozy neck warmer and beanie... Everything in this photo works so well... She deserves every single flare in this photo.

And this woman. Is she a office woman or a bad ass hiker... Can't tell from het outfit, because she is everything. She is not afraid to mix it when heading into morning rush hour to get to work. She could have changed her backpack to something more casual, but would we notice her then?! 

Happy Cycling !!!!

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