19 December 2016

DIY Cargo Bike! What's that like?

  His name is Christian and he introduced himself to us when he noticed our obsession with his whole composition as he cruised by. He was cycling comfortably, carrying all his tools with a pretty big smile on his face. He knew how cool he looked with his red beanie, orange sunnies, and four wheeler cargo bike. The reason he looked so comfortable in his space is because he built it himself! He made his cargo bicycle to size, to fit his needs. How? Danish brand XYZ Cargo focuses on building customized, functional bicycles that are environmentally friendly and socially conscious. Pretty cool concept, what Christian shared with us this sunny afternoon in Copenhagen. XYZ Cargo is all hand made right here in Christianhavn, Copenhagen, but they also give away a step by step guide to encourage people to build their own cargo bike. Each of the designs they have is based on low-cost, light-weight, highly durable construction. That's not the best part. The best part is the assembling being simple, straight forward and requiring non-specialized tools to produce. It is no wonder this guy was so excited to share his unique cargo bike story with us...
Thank you, Christian.

Happy Cycling!