10 October 2016

Parisian Women Owning the Streets

Cruising through Paris with Velolib' bicycle is a common thing, but this lady stands out with her casual yet stylish look. 

What can describe femininity more then heels, stand out accessories and confidence.

Beige and blue.... Keeping it simple and playing with tones... Can you spot the little heels? 

Freshen it up with a colourful piece. This is Parisian style. What else do you need?

And if you can... match your bike with your bag.

This woman just represents them all!!! Chic yet simple. The vintage bike and red lips, all black and red nails! She's got it!

We were in Paris for 5 days and we need to admit that CycleChic loves Paris! In Paris you can spot all kind of urban cyclists - the sporty ones, the chic ones, the "I don't care" ones... But what connects them is cycling through one of the most beautiful city in the world - Paris. More posts with the recap of our Paris journey coming up in the next days! 

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Game World said...

They all look lovely.

I guess that's why.