12 January 2016

New Year's Eve in Copenhagen with Bicycles

New Years Eve Viking Biking
New Year's Eve in Copenhagen. 2015 became 2016. We headed out in the late afternoon to some friends. There is a veritable rush hour in Copenhagen from about 16:30 to 18:00. Traditionally, you get to where you're going by 18:00 to hear the Queen speak on television, with a little glass of wine or champagne. The bicycle traffic falls dramatically after 18:00. Parties are getting started all across the city.

There was drizzle when we left, which meant an umbrella was needed.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_1
Unfortunately, the umbrella didn't work so... an alternative style was required.

New Years Eve Viking Biking_3
The Biomega cargo bike was loaded with food and loads of wine for the evening ahead.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_2
The cycle tracks were filled with revellers heading off to their parties.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_4
Later... much later... it was time to head home. We saw this group of friends parting ways at an intersection. Saying thanks for a great night to each other.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_6
We rolled through the city, which was still bustling with life even at three in the morning.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_7
These three girls asked for directions to their next party.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_8
They spotted their destination after some discussion and off they went as we headed home.

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