11 July 2015

Barcelona, Kids and Bicycles

Barcelona Bike Gracia
The Kids and I are heading back to Barcelona on our summer holidays in a couple of weeks. We were looking at photos of the last time, four years ago, that we headed to Catalonia.

There are not many large cities in Europe that are bicycle friendly and that have beaches - which was one of the reasons that we went to Barcelona. I wanted to ride around with my kids. Copenhagen, with its amazing beaches, is one city, but you have to look far and wide for others.

Barcelona is amazing. It is well on its way to being a bicycle-friendly city. It ranks on the Top 20 in the world on The Copenhagenize Index 2015 - Bicycle-Friendly Cities Index.

Here are photos of our last trip. We borrowed a clunky Bakfiets from a friend with a bike shop. Not sleek, light or stylish like the Bullitt, but it did the job. 5 kilometres to the beach and 5 km back each day, up the hill to the amazing neighbourhood of Gracia, where we stayed.

This year we'll be staying in an amazing home exchange through Behomm, in the El Born neighbourhood, and we're looking forward to exploring this area.

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Felix et Lulu
How Copenhageners Lulu and Felix wait for a red light in Barcelona. Not bad at all.

Barcelona Lulu Cargo
My view each day on the cargo bike.
Felix et Lulu _1 Barcelona Cycle Chic_5
Heading towards the beach with our beach gear.
Barcelona Felix et Lulu Support Vehicle
Afternoon snacks on the way home from the beach.
Barcelona Felix et Lulu Bikes
Bikes are the best hair dryers after a last swim before heading home.
Barcelona Felix Gracia_2 Barcelona Lulu Gracia
In our local neighbourhood there were ample opportunities to continue rolling.
Barcelona Champion - Copy BarcaKids 05-1
Heading up the hills behind Barcelona. Felix was so proud he nailed it. Daddy nailed it, too, on a Bakfiets with The Lulu inside.
Barcelona Bike Lane Obstruction
Damn skateboarders blocking the bike lane.
Barcelona Beach Parking
Loads of bikes at the beaches.
BarcaKids 01

Beaches can be tiring. Nap time heading home for The Lulu.


GreenComotion said...

Truly precious moments!
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

lagatta à montréal said...

Beautiful! Probably next time Lulu will be able to self-propel all that way. I know she can cycle, but see that the distance is still a bit much for her.

Skateboards are now authorized on Montréal bike lanes. While I don't want them to be ticketed, I do confess I find them annoying, as their movement is so different from a biycle's, with many sudden stops.

I'm sure there are other bicycle-friendly places with beaches, but they aren't cities in the way Copenhagen and Barcelona are.

AZ said...

Another great bicycle friendly city with three great beaches... San Sebastian in the Basque Country

Emily Kane said...

such fun post :D