22 December 2014

All You Need is Love - and Bicycles

A Little Slice of Bicycle Life


Street Kiss With Bystander*

Paris Cycle Chic - Greeting

Bicycle Kisses

Kiss Her Even if She Doesn't Have a Bicycle

Bicycle Kiss


FRB Kiss


anio said...

I can't stop smiling

Byron Kidd said...

You rarely see such public displays of affection here in Japan. Its a shame.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing your images of kissing couples on their bikes. I find them very reassuring for some reason. I suppose knowing that other people also share an unabashed love and affection for another person gives me a bit of hope for the human race. Yes, we need more kissing.

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

Post it again on 14Feb

Anonymous said...

These images are just lovely.

One thing I enjoy about really established city bike culture is the physical ease that riders have with each other while on their bikes.

Even though we have a hot and highly public bike scene here in Portland OR cyclists tend to become disconnected from the physical world once they're in the saddle. I think most of it is caused by the sports-style bikes that are harder to lounge on / lean from / perch against. Cyclists here hardly ever hold hands while riding or pause to hug.

Kurt said...

Ah, so there is still romance in the world. Bravo!

moni said...

really charming pictures...

Unknown said...

Hello, I am absolutely delighted with this blog. I do not know where to click to be able to watch on a regular basis.
I come back here again. I like the life of the bike :)
I regret that Poland does not have such conditions and opportunities for cycling.
and I wish you a Merry Christmas