31 August 2016

The Impossible Length of Autumn Bicycle Shadows

Ah. Nordic autumn light. #copenhagen #streetphotography #cyclechic Looooong cyclist shadow in the Nordic light #shadow #copenhagen
It's that season again. We're transitioning into winter. It's hard to describe Nordic light. It changes radically throughout the year and has a thousand variations. All beautiful. In autumn - and spring - there are many signals that we're changing seasons. One of them is the growing length of the shadows as the sun hangs lower in the sky.

Shadows become impossibly long.
Cyclist Shadows
So long that it sometimes feels like they wrap around the whole world and you have to chase yourself down the cycle tracks.
Bike Lane Rally
The morning light is crisper and sharper than ever. Your shadow follows you along as you squint into the sunrise.
Longshadow Chasing
Shadows of this length make you contemplate yourself and your size on the urban landscape.
Bikeshadows, Bikeshadows Bicycle Freedom
You're often much larger than life.
Lovely Lady Longshadow
The quality of the light offers up shadows that are sharply defined around the edges.
Dual Shadowism

Larger Than Life
You often can't help but notice yourself on the urban landscape.
Nordic Evenings
Sometimes your shadow chases you, sometimes you follow your shadow through the city.
The length of time it takes to overtake another bicycle user increases drastically when your shadows are this long.
Ride - HiCon Experiments

Nordic light and it's accompanying shadows are timeless. Here a famous photograph from Tage Christiansen during the 1940s.


(Gee) Curitiba Cycle Chic said...

Very beautiful this selection of photos! Congratulations!

Sukhipanna said...

Some thing that I don't take note of. Mmmmm...my eyes will be checking out on shadows when I go riding.