8 October 2014

Portraits of cyclists : A story of bike and happiness


I have been living in Copenhagen for many years. I cycle here every day with my purple bike. Actually, I live a little bit outside the city, 7 km from here (the city-center). I work at the Royal Theatre.”

Do you have a favorite route when you cycle through the city?”
Of course! I like to bike in the center. The atmosphere is so cosy and the streets are full of people.”

Have you noticed that here we're in a bicycle street? Cars must follow the pace of the cyclists.”
No. But it's really interesting.”

Your bike and your earrings are the same color.”
It's not a coincidence. I like pink and purple. I receive lots of compliments about my bike. People don't hesitate to tell me that seeing a purple bike makes them happy. It happened to me a couple of time. I didn't know these people, they just came to me - quite often when it was a grey day - and they said “I'm sorry... but I would like to say... your bike... it makes me so happy”. So, I replied that I'm really happy too. It gives me lots of good energy.”


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