3 September 2014

Portraits of cyclists - Mie: "I have an over-size basket fitting perfectly my bag”


“I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle every day from Østerbro to my office. I like cycling through the big park Fælledparken and along the lakes. The scenery changes all the time and I can see lots of people. Because in these places there are no cars and no noise, it's like being somewhere else, outside the city.”

“Where did you buy this huge basket?”
“I was looking for an over-size basket to carry my big bag and I finally ordered it online on a Dutch web shop. I had to put up a front rack to support the weight.”

“Do you have an anecdote to share with the reader of the blog?”
“It was during the summer, I was cycling through the city with a dress on. I overtook a group of tourists cycling quite slowly. Just after passing them I heard them ringing their bells and shouting. Thanks to that, I realized that I had a hole in my dress. That was extremely embarrassing.”

Mie - Portrait

Mie - Bag

More pictures on Byliv in CPH.

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