2 July 2014

Portraits of cyclists - Niels, Director of Traffic Department, cycles chic

Niels - Portrait

The coolest and most elegant Director of Traffic Department works here in Copenhagen and cycles every day.

Do you remember the first day you cycled by yourself?”
Oh yes, I have a clear memory of that day. I was 4 or 5 years old. I was riding my sister's bike, which was too tall for me. Where I lived the streets had long slopes. I went from the top of a street down the slop and suddenly I lost control and as I was not ready to brake I finally went directly into the garbage cans. That's what happened on my first day biking.”

Do you have a memory of something unusual that happened one day when you were cycling?”
Some years ago, I was cycling on my way to work. I was on a very busy road and suddenly in front of me in the amount of cyclists I saw someone from behind that make my think: “I know this guy!”. I was thinking that it was not one of my colleagues or one of my friends or relatives but then I realized that it was a very very old friend of mine. At some point we took different directions in our life but we were best friends when we were children and just with his body language on his bicycle I could recognized him. It's difficult to explain how this happened but it just did.”


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